Therapy for Life Transitions

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Life Changes

Our personal worlds are always changing. Even when we have our set routine and schedule, life comes out of nowhere and throws us curveballs every now and then. And yes, it’s true that change brings about beautiful new beginnings. On the other hand, life changes can dredge up untouched feelings, insecurities, and fears.

Humans are creatures of habit. So naturally, fear comes up when you are approaching or going through something you’ve yet to experience. In addition to fear, you may be feeling overwhelmed or out of control. This is especially true when a major life change is underway, and you have no control over its arrival. Regardless of your involvement in this change, it’s likely that outside support can be helpful.

Therapy for Life Transitions in Louisville, CO

While many people attend therapy for mental illness treatment, many also go to counseling to process their thoughts and gain new perspectives on their situation. This is especially true in therapy for life transitions. When you are amidst a major life change, talking with an unbiased person, like a therapist, can be extremely beneficial.

Further, a therapist will not have preconceived notions about you or any of the people in your life. And a therapist has no emotional ties to your situation. So, you can speak freely and openly on your true feelings about what you’re going through. Talking through big life changes with a therapist can give you clarity on your situation. And this clarity can help you navigate this time with fewer feelings of chaos and a greater understanding of your needs and goals. Ultimately, meeting with a therapist during major life changes can give you direction.

Examples of Life Transitions

While our lives are consistently evolving, there are some life transitions that become pivotal moments in our lives. This is not an exhaustive list of reasons to come to therapy for life transitions, but these are some common concerns our therapists have helped clients with in the past. Please note that in therapy for life transitions, we work with young adults and adults aged 18 and older.

Losing or leaving a job

Career change

Starting college or going back to school

Living on your own for the first time

Moving to a new home or place

Death of a loved one

Break up or divorce

Having children or becoming an empty nester


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How Therapy for Life Transitions Helps

When a major life change is coming up or in progress, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by stress. It is also common to be unsure about what you’re feeling. There is so much wrapped up in these life transitions. You may be feeling grief about the chapter you’re closing, excitement for the future, disappointment for what could have been, or relief to finally move on. Due to these confusing and often conflicting emotions, people going through life changes often struggle to maintain healthy coping mechanisms.

Furthermore, unhealthy behaviors or patterns may arise during times of significant life changes. These could be never before used coping strategies, or behaviors that you have worked to curb in the past that have come up again. When we feel out of control in our lives, we often lean toward using unhealthy coping skills. These are usually more comfortable for us because they allow us to feel in control. They let us numb the pain, detach from reality, and find comfort.

Usually, we know when we are engaging in unhealthy behaviors. But because life changes can be so painful, we often put our heads down and go through the motions without asking ourselves why we are doing the things we are.

Benefits of Therapy for Life Transitions

Meeting with a therapist during these times of stress is beneficial for many reasons. A therapist can point out unhealthy coping skills, then help you understand why those are present. And they can help you analyze your habits to look for patterns. This can help you today, while you’re going through this change, as well as later in life, as these patterns are likely to come up again. Further, a counselor can help you identify your strengths, then teach you how to harness those for your own benefit.

Meeting with a therapist for life transitions can make the difference between struggling or feeling supported through this season of life. A counselor will help you identify healthy coping skills and make progress toward self-growth. We will help you look inside yourself to analyze where and how you can better support yourself. Plus, we can help you learn how to express your feelings and communicate effectively with your loved ones. All of these benefits will help you not only today but for years and seasons to come.

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Begin Therapy for Life Transitions in Boulder County, CO with a Louisville, CO Therapist

We believe that people are resilient. And while we hold this belief, our therapists also believe that people need to feel supported to maintain their resiliency. In therapy for life transitions, we aim to support people just like you who are going through times of transition. If you are ready to begin counseling using online therapy at our Louisville, CO located therapy practice, follow the steps below.

  1. Book a free 20-minute consultation with us.
  2. Meet with one of our therapists to talk about how you will work together to reach your goals.
  3. Feel supported as you navigate this new season of life.

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