Premarital Counseling

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Why Premarital Counseling?

So you’re exploring commitment. You’ve found someone really special. And now, you’re envisioning your life together. This is wonderful! But, maybe you have apprehensions about the relationship. Perhaps there are a couple of things that make you question “will this work long-term?” Or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship before, so you’re worried about this one working out.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve never been in a relationship before. And now that you’ve found this amazing person, you’re thinking “am I really going to be with this one partner forever?” Regardless of where you are in your relationship, there’s never a wrong time to start couples therapy.

What is Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling is not only for couples working toward marriage. If you’re in a new relationship, premarital counseling can be a great fit for you. To clarify, our therapists think of premarital counseling as more of “commitment counseling.” Here you are, with a partner you love, that you want to learn how to love better. And we believe this is a beautiful thing! So, our therapists are excited to help you along the way toward strengthening your bond.

Additionally, premarital counseling is helpful for couples who live together. Likewise, it can be helpful for those considering living together. And of course, premarital counseling works for couples planning to get married or who are recently married. Overall, premarital counseling works for couples looking to strengthen their relationship.

Reasons to Begin Premarital Counseling

Family of Origin

When you are in a relationship with someone, there are so many pieces of them to understand. Firstly, there are all the things to know about their family of origin. In other words, where they are coming from. We know that the environment you grow up in impacts who you are. Not only that, but also how you engage in relationships.

However, your family of origin does not impact everything about your adult relationships. But, it certainly is important to think about when trying to understand your partner. Often, partners encounter conflict due to ideas rooted in the family of origin norms and expectations.


Likewise, the communication patterns of each partner can largely impact relationships. These are learned in one’s family of origin as well. The way you communicate about day-to-day subjects as well as more intense conversations, matters. However, it’s normal to come across communication barriers. And in premarital counseling, you will both learn to effectively communicate. Most importantly, you will learn how to lovingly disagree and find common ground.

Beliefs and Values

Along with communication issues, many couples encounter individual differences. These discussions can center on beliefs and life goals. Or, they may be about money, religion, parenting, and sex. It’s key that partners know how to use healthy communication to navigate these hard conversations. In fact, you and your partner are allowed to subscribe to different values. The important piece is that you are able openly talk about and be supported by your partner. But without communication, these tough conversations will be avoided. And that is where problems arise.

Common Questions About Premarital Counseling

Q: Do I need to be religious to start premarital counseling?

No, you do not need to be religious to begin premarital counseling. We work with couples from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. Moreover, when you are in counseling, your therapist will not mention religion unless it is important to you. If so, you can explore religious beliefs and their impact on your relationship. Then, you’ll work together to find common ground between partners and improve communication about topic.

Q: Do we need to be breaking up or separating to come to premarital counseling?

Premarital counseling is not only for couples thinking about getting married or breaking up. This form of couples therapy is for couples in any stage of commitment. Furthermore, premarital counseling is a great tool for couples who want to deepen their relationship. And it can help couples navigating a separation.

Q: Is it normal to be nervous about starting premarital counseling?

Yes! It is very normal to have nerves at the beginning. It is hard to be vulnerable and share things that you’re not used to. And that’s the beauty of couples therapy. You and your partner are in a safe place to discuss taboo topics or doubts about the relationship. So, it will be your therapist’s priority to act as an unbiased third party and help you communicate effectively. Consequently, you and your partner can approach topics with authenticity and curiosity.

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Benefits of Premarital Counseling

As a result of premarital counseling, you will…

Have a better understanding of your partner and yourself

Feel more supported by your partner

Be confident in handling conflict or differences

Notice improved communication

Shift from an “I” perspective to a “we” perspective

Sense of ease or comfort in your relationship

Begin Premarital Counseling in Louisville, CO

All couples benefit from exploring what commitment means for their relationship. And, wherever you are in your relationship, you could both benefit from premarital counseling. You can access premarital counseling at our Louisville, CO located practice. Or you can meet with your therapist anywhere in Colorado using online therapy. To get started with premarital counseling in Louisville, CO, and beyond, follow the steps below.


  1. Book a free 20-minute consultation.
  2. Meet with one of our therapists to see discuss your relationship goals.
  3. Explore commitment with your partner and see your relationship thrive.
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