Counseling for New Parents

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Growing your family is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, right? Yet, you and your partner are struggling because everything is so new. People told you it would be hard, but the experience of becoming a parent is so different than anything you could anticipate.

You’re exhausted from not only sleep deprivation, but also the adjustment to a new daily routine. And in addition to learning how to care for a tiny human, your relationship feels strained. Instead of discussing weekend plans, your dinner conversations are now focused on poop and spit-up. Intimacy has gone out the window. And instead, you’re resenting your partner for not getting up enough with the baby last night.

What is Counseling for New Parents?

When you and your partner bring your child into this world, it’s essential that your relationship is stable and strong. This sets a solid foundation for your family. At our Louisville, CO therapy practice, Counseling for New Parents is a form of couples therapy.

Further, our therapists work with parents before and after they bring a child into their family. Whether through a traditional pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, or blending of families, welcoming new children into your life is a challenge. While it is beautiful, it is difficult. Additionally, we work with parents who are having their second, third, or further, child, not just first-time parents.

Becoming a parent tests your relationship. But building a solid foundation before the baby arrives can help immensely. And once you’ve learned about each other in couples therapy, you can take the insight learned with you for years to come.

Common Issues Addressed with New Parents

Becoming a parent is hard work. You’re going through a life-altering phase of your life. Below are some common experiences of new parents.

Sleep deprivation

Less alone time for yourself and your relationship

Feeling a loss of spontaneity and freedom

Navigating new expectations, rules, and boundaries

Grieving your life before baby

Difficulty managing new responsibilities

How do you help parents?

While counseling for new parents is not a specific modality of therapy, it is an essential part of parents’ and therefore, couples’ experiences. Couples can come to therapy at any point in their relationship. However, our therapists provide counseling for new parents because we are passionate about working with partners during this transitional life stage.

Our therapists‘ calming and grounding presence provides parents assurance that we will find solutions. And our passion for connection will help you and your partner reconnect, process together, and move forward. We’ll discuss how to prioritize your relationship and your family while balancing it all.

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Benefits of Counseling for New Parents

It is our goal to help you, your relationship, and your family feel prepared for the arrival of your little one. Our approach to therapy brings an understanding that the dynamics of your family and partnership will change. So, your therapist will help you identify where these have shifted and help you grow with the changes in each other.

In counseling, we will discuss any concerns either of you may have before baby’s arrival. Then, we’ll identify communication barriers and find strategies to overcome them. Furthermore, we will address any unresolved issues from respective families of origin. Many new parents can feel triggered by family dynamics today that connect with past negative family experiences. So, in counseling for new parents, we’ll process past and present issues to help in managing problems that are bound to pop up as a parent.

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Begin Counseling for New Parents in Louisville, CO

Couples can benefit from meeting with a therapist in-person or online at any point in their relationship. However, there are particular challenges that arise as a new child comes into the picture. If you and your partner are expecting or considering having a child, think about counseling for new parents at our Boulder, CO-area counseling practice.


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  3. Create a solid foundation in your relationship to support your family from here on out.

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