Communication in Couples

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When you and your partner are facing communication challenges, your relationship can feel draining instead of supportive. You remember feeling excited, interested, and fulfilled by conversations with your partner in the beginning of your relationship. But today, when you try to communicate with your partner, it seems like it ends in an argument every time.

A communication disconnect in your partnership can cause you to feel unheard and misunderstood. And when you try to communicate but are met with resistance or defensiveness, of course, you feel defeated. Putting yourself out there, even with your partner, can be scary. In fact, vulnerability with anybody can be intimidating. But maybe you’re anxious to even try to start a conversation about communication issues. Often, partners assume that addressing the issue will make it worse. In reality, this is the furthest thing from true.

Talking About Communication in Couples is Essential

Avoidance is a common coping strategy for individuals and couples alike. But, when there is an issue in your partnership, it’s likely rooted in an unmet need. And avoidance will not solve anything in this instance. Instead, it will only lead to resentment and disconnection.

Resentment is a bitter feeling that arises when you believe you’ve been treated unfairly. Do you feel like you prioritize your partner’s needs, but yours are never considered? When compromise seems one-sided, feelings of resentment are likely to bubble up. And when partners resent one another, challenging communication dynamics arise. But, working with a couples therapist can help.

Couples Therapy for Communication

Disconnection in your relationship can make you feel lonely. It can cause a divide in your relationship that creates a lack of trust and even feelings of being judged by your partner. And when you’re in this situation, it can feel like there’s no room for change. You may feel hopeless about finding connection and desire in your partner again. But, with the help of couples therapy, there is hope.

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Our Approach to Improving Communication in Couples

The skilled couples therapists at our Boulder, CO area therapy practice care about helping partners solve communication issues. While communication struggles can feel impossible to resolve, healthy communication is possible. In fact, working on communication leads to an improvement in other facets of the relationship, too.

First, your therapist will work to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to each be authentically yourselves. Then, you’ll begin to unpack your concerns with one another. Being honest with yourselves and with each other will be challenging. But, this hard work will pay off.

Next, your couples therapist will learn about your individual communication patterns in order to identify gaps. Then, they will teach both of you communication skills to help you work together. These skills will help you interact in ways that lead to connection and discourage disconnection. And you’ll need to practice these skills both in and out of sessions with your therapist. With a dedication to working toward connectedness, your relationship can survive and thrive.

Benefits of Couples Therapy for Communication Issues

One of our trained couples therapists will help you and your partner see and hear each other again. Instead of being expected to mind read, you’ll talk to one other. And not only will you communicate more frequently and effectively, but you’ll feel connected again. This will lead to feeling more understood and supported.

When you can freely express your needs, emotions, and thoughts with your partner, the hard conversations will be easier. And the easy conversations will be interesting and exciting again. Our hope for your partnership is that you walk away from couples therapy for communication feeling more in tune with one another and more adept to manage conflict that life throws your way.

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Begin Couples Therapy in Louisville, CO

You and your partner deserve to find connection in your communication. And working with a couples therapist at our Louisville, CO counseling practice can help you communicate authentically again. You can even access our services using online therapy in Colorado for added ease! To get started, follow the steps below.

  1. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation.
  2. Meet with a couples therapist to see if you’re a good fit for counseling.
  3. Make time for your partnership and get back on the same page by improving your communication.

Other Services at Vitality Therapeutic Services

Here at our Louisville, CO area therapy practice, we aid individuals and couples in healing and growing through whatever life’s thrown your way. For individuals, we provide anxiety treatment, therapy for life transitions, and EMDR. We offer premarital counseling for couples considering commitment or becoming more serious in their relationship. And we provide counseling for new parents to assist in the transition of adding a new member to the family. Plus, all relationships can benefit from some help with reconnecting every now and then. So whether there is a specific issue, or you’d just like to find some common ground with your partner again, our therapists can help.