Therapy for Couples

Couple holding hands. This photo represents couples therapy and marriage counseling in Colorado.

Build a Strong Relationship

Research in the field of neuroscience and relationships tells us people are designed to build and maintain bonds with others. So why are relationships so hard? The reality is many of us never learned what researchers have uncovered. Important questions such as what keeps marriages strong and healthy for years? Or how do I create a safe and trusting relationship with my partner?

Most of us learned about relationships by observing others in our lives and from our own experiences. The good news is you and your partner undoubtedly possess some great skills from your experiences which have gotten you far in your relationship. Couples therapy can help you build on those skills and learn new ones for a strong, resilient, and satisfying relationship.

Revitalize your Relationship

Life often unfolds in unpredictable ways despite your best plans and efforts. New changes and choices you make can have big and lasting impacts on your partnership. When times are trying, it can really test your relationship.

In couples therapy, I want to understand your concerns and your goals. There are many reasons why a couple might come to therapy and here are some of them: perhaps you’re in a new relationship looking to deepen your connection, or a couple about to embark on or experiencing change, or a couple with a lot of years together looking to reconnect. The truth is we all need some help at times in our lives.

I’ll give you and your partner tools to develop healthy habits in your relationship, discourage the habits that lead to disconnection, and teach you strategies to improve the health of your relationship. Yes, relationships are hard work, but it’s so worthwhile to be in a happy one.

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