Online mental health therapy has become a common way for clients and therapists to meet for their weekly sessions.  By now, most of us have had some experience with virtual appointments. However, some of us are eager to resume in-person meetings.  Before you make up your mind about seeking therapy in-person, there may be some aspects to online therapy worth considering before making a decision.  Read on to learn more about the many benefits of online mental health therapy.

What Are The Benefits of Online Therapy?

In the mental health world, online mental health therapy has enabled clients to attend therapy during one of the most stressful and unpredictable times most of us can recall.  What have the last few years taught us about online therapy?  As an online therapist, I’ll share the benefits of online therapy worth noting.

Online Therapy Fits your Flexible Schedule and Needs

Meeting virtually with your therapist means you set aside one hour of your day rather than several hours to get to your appointment.   For many of us this means we can take care of our mental health while also balancing work, parenting and life obligations.

Online Therapy is Still Personal

Appointments with your online therapist allows you to meet together in real time, and see one another face-to-face.  Your session is dedicated to you and your well-being.  Most clients say that meeting with their therapist online is a great option when meeting in-person isn’t available.

Online Therapy is Private

You don’t have to worry about running into someone you know unexpectedly at your therapist’s office when you meet online.  Instead, you wait for your session to begin in a private, virtual waiting room.

Online Therapy Allows you to meet from multiple locations

When your therapy sessions are scheduled online ahead of time, you can choose what location works best for you for your meeting.

Online Therapy is great for people who Work From Home

Scheduling your online therapy session over your lunch hour or at another convenient time in your day allows you to balance your well-being and work.

Online Therapy Sessions are an Efficient use of your Time and Resources

Consider how much time you may save by cutting out the commute to your therapist’s office.  This could be especially true if your commute is during rush hour, or there’s an accident, or bad weather. Consider the money you save on expenses such as gas or childcare when the amount of time you need to set aside for your therapy appointment is shaved down to one hour.

Online Therapy Takes the Guess Work Out

How many meetings, events, and occasions have we had to put on hold or cancel because of the pandemic?   In-person plans have become unreliable to make and keep.  Online therapy is an option we can safely count on.

Online Therapy for Individuals and Couples in Colorado can Benefit You

There are many benefits to meeting with your therapist online.  Some of these benefits include flexibility and privacy.  At our Colorado based practice, we offer individual and couple therapy to meet your lifestyle needs.

At Vitality Therapeutic Services, we provide online therapy to individuals with anxiety, survivors of sexual assault, and life transitions such as break-ups and career changes.  We also provide Virtual EMDR to individuals seeking to heal from trauma.

We also offer online couple’s services in our Colorado based practice.  Some of these services include supporting couples who want to address communication and improve connection.  We also work with new parents. Couples that are separating and want to build a co-parenting relationship may also benefit from our online therapy services. Pre-marital counseling is another online service we provide to couples.

If you’re ready to take the next step in finding an online therapist to support your lifestyle needs, contact us today to get started!

Photo credit: Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels