Therapy is commonly thought of as something a couple does when there’s something wrong in the relationship or as a last attempt to repair before calling it quits. While many couples seek therapy because there’s some sort of breakdown in their relationship, it’s not the only reason to go to couples therapy.  In fact, it’s a great idea to be proactive and go see a couples therapist before trouble arises.  You might be wondering why?  What do happy couples have to work on?  Even under the best conditions, change and challenges can present themselves and impact your relationship.

So, Happy Couples Do Go To Therapy?

YES!  Happy couples go to couples therapy and marriage counseling for a variety of reasons.  Some of those reasons include exploring commitment before moving forward. Or to better understand one another. Some couples come to therapy as a way to devote time and energy on a regular basis to the health of their relationship. Additionally, there are common struggles all couples will face at one time or another. Therefore, being proactive and learning skills to address these common issues can be a powerful way a couple supports their relationship.

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Here’s a way to consider why couples therapy can be beneficial even when we’re happy. Think about going on a road trip with several stops for a long amount of time. What might you do to prepare? Perhaps you start with an itinerary of where you’re going. You might also need to get your car serviced. Perhaps you check the weather to pack accordingly. Making reservations to stay in particular places may be part of your planning. There are other things to consider, too, before going on a long journey. Sure, you could just get in the car and go on your trip.  However, chances are you’re going to encounter some challenges that will be far more difficult to manage than if you prepared ahead of time.

Being in a relationship is similar.  We know there are common challenges couples face.  We know life is full of change and surprises.  As a result, there is a real benefit to planning ahead and having tools at your disposal to face challenges successfully.

Every Couple Can Learn and Grow Through Couples Therapy

There are universal struggles we all experience in relationships.  For example, every couple fights from time to time. Perhaps one of you is conscientious about putting your clothes in their proper places. Meanwhile, your partner has a messy pile of clothing (where it can’t be ignored).  Or maybe you feel really close with your mother and welcome her involvement in your family’s life. And perhaps your partner has different ideas about how involved their mother-in-law should be. Are you thinking of a recent experience as you read this?  Maybe you’re reminded of that ‘thing’ you always fight about with your partner.

Truthfully, conflict, differences, and communication issues will inevitably pop up in any relationship.  When these issues go unresolved, we can notice hurt and resentment building.  This, in turn, can be damaging to our relationship in the long run.  We may even begin to create stories about our partner, which can increase assumptions and escalate miscommunication and conflict.  That’s why it can be so worthwhile to learn tools to manage these common struggles before they become bigger and worse.

What Tools Do Happy Couples Learn From a Couples Therapist in Louisville, CO?

Image shows an older couple standing on rocks next to the river while embracing and looking at one another. This photo could represent a stronger bond felt after couples therapy in Louisville, CO or Boulder, CO. Seeing a couples therapist in Louisville, CO can teach many tools in couples therapy and marriage counseling in Boulder, CO, Denver, CO and Louisville, CO. | 80027 | 80026 | 80020 This varies from couple to couple, but generally speaking, I hear from couples that they appreciate having time set aside in their busy lives for their relationship in therapy.  Many of us have high demands on our time and energy which can negatively impact our relationship when it feels difficult to prioritize it.  Relationships need to be nurtured, and when we tend to them, they have the potential to grow stronger and fuller.

Couples therapy is a safe space for you and your partner to talk about your experiences in your relationship, and your hopes for the future.  Further, therapy allows us to work on translating the awareness and insight you cultivate into taking action to protect your relationship in the future.  Another benefit is that in couples therapy, you and your partner will practice skills so you can apply them in your daily lives.  Commonly learned skills in couples therapy include strategies for improving communication, healthy conflict management, deepening understanding of one another, navigating differences, managing a new stage in life, or coping with change.

Prepare For Your Journey

Imagine you’re taking that road trip, and your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.  Let’s say you didn’t plan for this possibility.  So, in the moment, you get out your phone and try to start searching for the nearest mechanic.  And it takes you quite a while to find a mechanic, arrange for your car to get to the garage, and then wait for a tow truck.  And then you have to make unexpected arrangements while you wait for your car to be fixed.  Sounds stressful, doesn’t it?

Or alternatively, perhaps you planned for the possibility of your car breaking down while on your trip.  You have roadside assistance.  Yes, you may still have to make some unexpected arrangements.  However, some arrangements you have already prepared for.  As a result, your experience of this challenge and how you navigate it may be quite different than if you hadn’t been prepared at all.  Couples therapy can allow for you and your partner to plan ahead before a breakdown. Then, to have tools and resources at the ready when you need them.

Happy Couples Do Benefit From Couples Therapy

Image shows a young couple embracing and smiling as they hold out a key to their home. This photo could represent the happiness felt by the couple despite being in couples therapy in Louisville, CO. Seeing a couples therapist near Louisville, CO or Boulder, CO can help strengthen any relationship. | 80027 | 80304 | 80303 | 80301 While partnership requires effort, there are big payoffs when we support and nurture our relationship, learn new skills, and work to better understand one another. It makes for a harmonious and happy union that lasts despite the ups and downs we may face on our journey.

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