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Here at our Louisville, CO-based therapy practice, we are passionate about helping individuals and couples overcome obstacles, find connections, and move forward in healthy ways. Throughout life, we all encounter challenges that make living our lives authentically difficult. Whether these challenges arise from traumatic experiences, internal struggles, or life transitions, finding connection with ourselves and others can help revitalize our passion and excitement for life.

We believe that humans are resilient and can manage many challenges. But you don’t have to manage the ups and downs of life on your own. Receiving support from a therapist for both individual struggles and relationship challenges can make a world of difference. With evidence-based therapies and compassionate care, our team is ready to support individuals and couples navigating life transitions at any stage.


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Face Your Challenges

Everyone, at one time or another, experiences challenges, conflict, or struggles throughout their life. This is part of the human existence.

My approach to therapy is to help my clients to address their concerns and implement change, working collaboratively towards their desired outcome. While therapy can stir up difficult emotions, past experiences, and be uncomfortable at times, clients report feeling better and more confident as they work through and effectively address their goal(s).

“I want to guide others through the transitions and the dynamics of big life changes.”

How I Help

If you’re tired of repeating the same patterns, feeling lost or uncertain about an aspect of your life, or struggling in your relationships, I’m here to help you uncover your full potential.

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Based in Louisville, CO my office is easily accessible via Denver or Boulder and surrounding areas. I offer teletherapy sessions (online therapy / online counseling) in addition to in-person office sessions.

What does Online Therapy Mean?

“I take a different approach.”

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